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Addons Under New Ownership!

Our suite of addons are now available exclusively from the good people at Open-Realty Templates, the best place to get templates, and now addons, for Open-Realty®.

Over the next few weeks you'll be seeing revitalised and improved versions of our old addons appearing on their site. Why not take a look?

We would like to thank all our addon clients for helping us create some of the most forward-thinking and customisable Open-Realty® addons that were available at the time, and we wish Open-Realty Templates the very best success in continuing to develop these addons and more on into the future!

Open Realty® Addons

Open-Realty® is an open-source real estate website engine, which is highly customisable through addon scripts.

On this website, you could formerly test and view versions of our various addons for Open-Realty® and see what you thought.

These addons can now be downloaded from, who are carrying the mantle now in providing the very best in Open-Realty® support and solutions, so why not pop along and have a look?