About the Artist

The Basics

The only flattering picture of me ever

Ok, the basics! My name is Christopher Denyer, I'm 22, and I live on the south coast of England in a sunny rural town best known for the sparse remains of what was apparently once Bramber Castle.

But I digress; I enjoy creative writing, running (I don't think there's such a thing as creative running, but if there was I'm sure I would enjoy it), and of course, drawing stuff.

I pride myself on being capable, helpful and approachable, and will not rest until my clients are happy with my work.


Webcomics - Harrington Park

Extract from Harrington Park Extract from Harrington Park Extract from Harrington Park Extract from Harrington Park Extract from Harrington Park

Back in 2003, while still at Sixth Form college, I wrote and drew a webcomic which came to be known as Harrington Park. It became my first introduction to the concept of mixing paper and pixels. Just as today, the artwork was hand-drawn on paper and scanned afterwards for colouring digitally.

These days, with software that can trace over a drawing using curves and shapes, the lines can be much smoother than they were in Harrington Park (compare with my sunset drawing in the background, where lines are visibly smoother than they were for Harrington Park).

HP also gave me a background against which I could learn about image compression and its place on the web. I learnt how to tweak a JPEG to strike the right balance between quality and size; how to decide which file formats would be more appropriate given the nature of each graphic; how to split images up by their graphical properties and layer them, allowing different parts of the image to be compressed using different formats (e.g. a gentle sky background rendered using JPEG, which is ideal for gradients, with foreground detail rendered in either PNG or GIF, and then layered using HTML and CSS).

Spriting for Indie Videogames

Run cycle for a dog Run cycle for a humanoid

All through my teens I have been creating small videogames in a variety of products. This required sprite and background design, as well as animation, and I managed to build up quite a reputation for it. I've written various articles about the subject (example example).